Your Mac comes with a lot of built-in apps designed to help you browse the internet, send email, listen to music, and much more.  However, there are many things that this software just can’t do (or there are better options out there for doing it).  For that, you have to turn to third-party software.  Here’s a list of some great free apps for the budget-conscious Mac-user, in alphabetical order (the baked-in Mac app will be listed in parentheses, if available). Please note that the developers of this software may, at some time, require payment for their apps or simply stop development. If you see any software that should be removed, or if you know of any software that should be added, please let me know:


Antivirus (Gatekeeper): Avast! | Avira | Bitdefender | MalwarebytesSophos


Application Launcher (Launchpad): Alfred | Quicksilver


Archive Utility (Archive Utility): StuffIt Expander | The Unarchiver


Audio/Video Editing (iMovie): Audacity | Burn | Handbrake | Smart Converter


Backup (Time Machine): Box | Dropbox


Data Management (Notes): Evernote | Simplenote


Email (Mail): Mailsmith | Thunderbird


FTP (Finder): CyberDuck | FileZilla


Instant Messaging (Messages): Adium | Skype


Image/Graphics Management (iPhoto/Photos): Blender | DrawBerry | Gimp | JetPhoto | Picasa | Seashore


Music (iTunes/Apple Music): Clementine | Pandora | Spotify


Office Suite (iWork: Pages, Numbers, Keynote): LibreOffice | OpenOffice


Text Editor (TextEdit): TextWrangler


Uninstaller: AppCleaner


Utility/Maintenance (Disk Utility): EasyFind | OnyX


Video Player (QuickTime): Miro | VLC Player


Web Browser (Safari): Chrome | Firefox | Opera